Botswana - Rhebel Rhymes

Transmission date: Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Language: seTswana and English with English subtitles 
When growing up isn’t a choice

A fast paced musical drama about growing up. An angry young rebel rapper, in search of fame, suddenly becomes a parent to his orphaned siblings. Can he grow up and face this responsibility?

Story synopsis

Kagiso, a talented young Motswako rapper, is trying to write rhymes while his scheming friend TT eyes his younger sister, Naledi. Kagiso’s mom, a single mother and nurse has to work double shifts and reminds Kagiso that he must look after his siblings this evening. But Kagiso, who wants fame and fortune, has a gig tonight and storms out in a fury. At the gig, Kagiso, overcome with stage fright receives a call. It’s the hospital, his mother has been in a car accident.

Before she dies, she whispers to Kagiso that he must look after his siblings. His mother’s death leaves Kagiso even angrier and out of control. He seems incapable of providing support or comfort to his young frightened siblings. One day Kagiso and TT arrive drunk at Bra Joe’s, the music producer. Bra Joe tries to knock some sense into Kagiso, who must face his responsibilities quickly, before he loses the little he has to the scheming TT. 

Producer: Kabo M Monare

Kabo Monare is a passionate filmmaker who is working hard to develop film production in his native Botswana.

He has produced, directed and edited a number of television commercials and music videos including Hip Hop Pantsula’s He Banna. He has worked on documentaries including Battle of Dimawe and Orange Insomnia. He has also worked on a Botswana Television-commissioned project called Peace Be With You. He is currently the television producer for the Independent Electoral Commission, Botswana. He successfully completed the Soul City accredited producer’s course. 

Writer and director: Busang Motsumi

*Busang on the making of the film 

‘Making this movie was a brilliant experience. It made me realise we’ve got brilliant stories that need to be told and, at the same time, made me realise that I can tell stories that have an appeal to a broader audience. 

Shooting 70 scenes in six days was difficult, but we understood that we had to tell a good story – we managed. Half the crew were first-timers and they were very committed. 

I believe the Soul City training, especially the writing side, came at the right time of my life. I enjoyed the editing most. In Botswana, we are still at the infant stage, but we are growing. We have brilliant storytellers. We lack that platform where storytellers can showcase their talent.

This film is about taking responsibility. It’s a story of young people moving into adulthood. It’s basically the battle between the desire for success and the conscience. To cut it short, it’s about taking responsibility. 

The stories that we tell in the film are the issues that are rampant at this time.’


Busang has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, working as an actor, writer and theatre director. In 2004, he co-wrote and directed the biggest ever, 60-cast-member musical, Mmaarona, for the prominent Maitisong festival. His experience includes work in TV/film, radio, theatre and music production. He has been a producer for commercial radio and a radio drama writer/producer for five years. Busang has directed a number of television programmes in Botswana. He has also directed various TV commercials and music videos. He owns and is the creative director of the young and dynamic multimedia company, BusanTainment Productions, now in its fifth year of operation.

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