Untold Stories: In a time of HIV

9 films; 9 countries; 9 simultaneous broadcasts.

Southern Africa has the highest HIV infection rates in the world and now more than ever we need to act together to stem its tide. Nine organisations from across Southern Africa have collaborated to produce a collection of extraordinary films: nine films from nine countries which tell stories previously untold: of love and hope, secrets and lies, courage and betrayal in a time of HIV and AIDS.

Through this project, a community of new voices is being built. Untold presents nine African films, each with a distinct voice. A rare insight into the choices and challenges facing us all.

Untold, is part of a groundbreaking cross-border health communication project, led by Soul City: Institute for Health & Development Communication, which is working with partners in eight other southern African countries to tackle HIV and AIDS.

The project contributed to building and training a community of regional writers and filmmakers. Eleven writers and nine producers from across the region attended an intensive 18-month accredited training course in scriptwriting and film production.

The multifaceted training programme consisted of: workshops with writers and filmmakers coming together from across the region; follow-up assignments, mentorship and technical support provided by well-known directors and producers on set and during pre- and post production. The project unearthed new talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Quality scripts with dramatic story lines have been researched and tested with the target audience.

Untold brings films from Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Love - Stories in a time of HIV and AIDS

Following on from the Untold series, Love – Stories in a time of HIV and AIDS is a unique series of ten films from ten countries that look at love and desire in a time of HIV and AIDS. The series has been broadcast on prime-time television in ten countries across the region. Each film weaves social messages into an entertaining.

Stories work best when they touch our hearts and stir our deepest beliefs and fears and challenge us to reflect on the values and ideals that we live by. The films are part of the OneLove cross border campaign which tackles Multiple and Concurrent Partnerships (MCP). Many people believe that MCP, the practise of having more than one sexual partner at the same time, is acceptable, particularly men. Love Stories will get you thinking and talking about how you live and love in this time of HIV and AIDS.

Second Chances - Botswana

A young girl from a poor community leaves home to go to university. She is bright and full of hope but she gets involved with an older man who has money and resources. What happens when she finds that things she has done can’t be easily undone.

Monna Oa Motsamai (The Travelling Man) - Lesotho

Motsamai Raliselo leaves his wife and kids to travel for work. But it is not only work he does on these trips. One day he learns he is HIV positive and sets out to find the woman to blame. But on the way he learns a very different lesson.

After the Honeymoon - Malawi

A newlywed couple returns from their honeymoon but it was not a success. Tinyade wants to talk about it but makes her husband very uncomfortable. Can they learn to talk about sex?

Traidos pela traicão (Betrayed) - Mozambique

André and Sandra are in love but both have secrets. He believes it is okay for men to have an affair but not for women. Things get difficult when one day they decide to be honest with each other.

Against the Odds - Namibia

Granny Mouton takes care of her grandchild and earns a small income barbecuing meat on the streets. It’s a dream come true when the owner of a successful car was offers her a place to cook for his customers. But his real motive is to get her beautiful and innocent granddaughter, Jenny.

Umshato (The Wedding)

Nomandla is in the final stages of her traditional Xhosa wedding to Makhosi, who she has loved for many years. On her special day she discovers a terrible truth which her mother is determined to hide. What can she do now on her wedding day?

Bloodlines - Swaziland

Qhawe Hlanze believes what he does outside his marriage is not only his business but his right. One fateful day his son is injured in an accident. Now Qhawe’s actions have consequences and every second counts if his sons’ life is to be saved.

Chaguo (The Choice) - Tanzania

Amani and Faraja are in love and they have just moved in together. One night Amani stays out all night drinking in a bar with his friends. Faraja is angry but forgives him. Will Amani have the courage to tell her what really happened that night?

When the Music Stops - Zambia

Jeremiah and Monalisa seem to be happily married. He is a deacon in the church and she sings in the church choir. But underneath they are trapped in an unhappy marriage. Until one day Monalisa is forced to make the hardest choice of her life.

Big House. Small House - Zimbabwe

One day Shingi’s husband Simba, tells her he is taking a second wife. He says he loves her but it is tradition. Shingi is unhappy and decides to find out the truth about who this new bride is.

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