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Social Justice

On the 11th of August 2016 Soul City Institute relaunched itself to become a Social Justice organisation that focusses on Young Women & Girls and the communities they live in. An organisation that is, a pillar of strength, support and hope for a new dawn. An organisation that ensures that young women & girls, have equal access to resources that enable them to self-actualise and reach their full potential and take their rightful place in society. An organisation that promotes a just society and ensures equal treatment and respect for basic human rights.

Why Social Justice?

  • Despite legislative efforts, South Africa remains a patriacal society, where women have been discriminated against, from disenfranchisement to various forms of abuse. The oppression of women has also been promoted by cultures, social system’s and religion.
  • In South Africa discrimination against women was also compounded by the apartheid system, which resulted in triple oppresion for black women in terms of race, gender and class or other factors.
  • In terms of socio - economic empowerment and gender equality, women have not advanced rapidly and remain the worst affected by inequality, poverty and unemployment. Furthermore, serious gender –related challenges persist, including unacceptable levels of gender based violence.
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