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Marketing & PR


To increase the national and international market's usage and involvement in Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (IHDC) products and services.

This is achieved by:

  • Using classical and conventional marketing tools and services to promote and create awareness of the products and services.
  • Managing and building strong social brands
  • Continuously interfacing with the target market
  • Putting in place effective management, coordination and administrative systems

Key outputs

  • Development and implementation of Marketing Communications, Promotions, Publicity and Distribution campaigns for
    • Soul City: IHDC
    • Soul City series
    • Soul Buddyz series
    • Soul Buddyz Clubs
    • Education, Training and Development materials
    • Advocacy Materials
  • Development and implementation of Brand building campaigns, for example
    • Soul City Health and Development Worker Award
    • Soul City Search for a Star
    • Soul Buddyz Music Talent Search
  • Assistance in and/or Development and implementation of the Marketing activities in the Soul City: IHDC's regional programme.
  • Relationship Management with corporate sponsors and media partners

Media contact

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