Phinah Kodisang

Chief Executive Officer

Phinah Kodisang is a self-identifying feminist born and raised in Ga-Rankuwa in the north of Pretoria. She was named one of the 2021 Mail & Guardian’s 50 Powerful Women. She is a gender activist and her work at the Soul City Institute enables her to continue raising awareness on issues facing women and young girls and for advocating that those in positions of power be held accountable for their role in addressing these issues.

Phinah holds a Master’s degree in social development from the University of Wales in the United Kingdom. She has participated and contributed to different regional and international forums addressing issues like HIV, GBV and youth development. As an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and people living with disabilities, Phinah believes in inclusivity and she advocates for womxn and gender non-conforming people to create space for one another and for womxn to build solidarity because “women live in a world that acknowledges that they have fundamental human rights but have in the same breath put systems in place that prevents women from accessing those rights”.

Phinah firmly believes that patriarchy, sexism, rape, and femicide are tools used to control and disempower womxn and ultimately take away their freedoms.

“I have my voice and I will use it to counter anything that inhibits womxn from enjoying their freedoms (political freedoms, freedom of opportunities, freedom to access relevant and needed services, freedom to love who they choose to love

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