Kirsten Kruger

Senior Financial Manager Trainee

Kirsten Kruger is an experienced and technically sound Chartered Accountant (SA) with deep knowledge of the non-profit sector. She is passionate about sustainability and growth, her can-do attitude and energy contribute to assisting the organisations she serves to achieve their strategic goals. Grounded in a sense of integrity and trust, she is an empathic communicator with the ability to inspire, influence and empower her team to perform at their best. Her ability to solve complex problems and develop innovative and compliant improvements to systems and processes make her an asset in navigating the opportunities and risks of the NGO landscape. Her technical expertise includes the areas of accounting, taxation, trusts and legislation which she has accumulated over a 20 year period.

At an early stage in her career, Kirsten identified that she wanted to make a difference and chose to bring her skills, expertise and energy into the NGO sector. She believes that all it takes is a spark in one individual to influence and lead others in the direction of success and achievement. She has succeeded in creating and unlocking value for stakeholders and strives to continue to make an impactful contribution through her work in the NGO sector.

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