Abongile Xhantini

Armed with a Liberal Arts Degree from Rhodes University and Bishop University in Canada, Abongile was groomed in three versatile majors of Geography and Environmental Studies, Philosophy and Mandarin. In 2016 Abongile became a youth programs intern at the South African Institute of international Affairs (SAIIA). After completing a year-long internship she volunteered as Youth Advisor to the Albinism Society of South Africa (ASSA).

In 2018 Abongile worked for German-based Adelphi Research at the South Africa SEED Office. Her role as part of a transitioning SA office, was Support Advisor Consultant for Indalo Inclusive. Indalo Inclusive trains and provides tools to small social and environmental businesses. As a founder of Albus, a not-for-profit organization, Abongile champions the cause for the marginalized in society, minorities’ constitutional rights and inclusive growth through insights gathering, consulting and executing rigorous programmes.

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