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One of the world’s top social and behavioural change programmes

The Soul City Institute for Health & Development Communication is proud to be considered one of the world’s most influential social and behavioural change programmes. To this end, we’re chiefly focused on sharing information and effecting social norms, attitudes and practice for the better.


Established in 1992, when South Africa was on the brink of democratic change, Soul City has remained a health promotion organisation, subscribing to the principles of the World Health Organisation’s Ottawa Charter. According to the charter, health is a product of a range of actions that include building an enabling environment, advocacy for healthy public policy, community action, developing personal skills and re-orientating health services towards the health promotion approach.

  • Our award winning edutainment television drama series, Soul City Its Real highlights social and health issues and possible solutions using real stories our audience can relate to.
  • Our OneLove campaign aims to contribute to the National Strategic Plan on HIV by reducing new HIV infections and encourages you to start thinking about and talking about sexual behavior and the effects of Multiple and Concurrent Partnerships (MCP) on your life and society at large. OneLoveTalk is a community television talk show that continues to explore relationships and sexuality in this time of HIV.
  • Working with volunteers we train and develop working sustainable communities through our world-first community makeover reality programme Kwanda.
  • Kwanda Talk takes this further by holding community conversations with communities around the country about how they can look better, work better, live better.
  • The PhuzaWize programme tackles one of society’s greatest ills, alcohol, as we advocate for safer and healthier communities.
  • Soul Buddyz children’s Television series gave rise to Soul Buddyz Clubs where children and adults work together to create a platform that gives voice to and promotes real community action for and by children towards their health and wellbeing.
  • Act for Children encourages children to become active development agents within their communities and develop children’s financial literacy.
  • Untold and Love Stories in a Time of HIV and AIDS series are both part of the regional project which is a partnership with ten organizations in the SADC region. Following extensive research in the region that highlighted shared social issues, the series which was overseen by Soul City, consists of short films from the Southern African region that tackle the impact of HIV/AIDS on families and the risks associated with Multiple and Concurrent Partnerships.
  • Our partnership with the Wits School of Public Health which launched a Social and Behavior Change Communication Masters in Public Health (MPH), is building African capacity in the field which in turn will aid in society’s development and dealing with health and social issues.

The SCI mass media communication vehicles span prime-time TV and radio (both drama and talkshows) across all languages and high-quality booklets translated into Zulu, Xhosa, Setswana, Sotho and Afrikaans., and also the Internet and new media. For continental development purposes Soul City partners with organisations across the SADC region.

Soul City Behaviour Change Model
Soul City Behaviour Change Model

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