#YVote4U is an advocacy campaign that aims to put a spotlight on the issues that women, children and LBGTQIA+ persons face. For the 2024 national elections, the campaign focused on the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for GBV and Femicide.

In 2019, the Soul City Institute initiated the #YVote4U campaign to bring feminist issues to the forefront of the elections. We evaluated what political parties included in their manifestos, how much focus they put on the rights of marginalised groups, as well as how they aim to implement their plans for the country.

With the rates of Gender-based Violence skyrocketing in the last five years, we find that it is important to ensure that feminist issues do not become a backdrop of the 2024 elections. The second installment of the #YVote4U campaign, launched during 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in December 2023, focusing on engaging various political parties on how they can use the National Strategic Plan for GBVF to eradicate and prevent the scourge.

As first time and experienced voters prepare to cast their votes in the 7th democratic elections, we call upon all political parties in SA to demonstrate their commitment to ending violence by publicly committing to specific actions that they will take to amplify and contribute to the implementation of the National Strategic plan for GBVF.

Ahead of the 2024 election, we are asking our stakeholders to sign a petition to bring this issue to the attention of all parties and individuals who seek to govern the country.

The campaign aims to bring together various political parties and the broader community of South Africans to highlight the experiences of women, children and LGBTQIA+ persons, as well as to set a feminist agenda for all elections.

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