Buddyz on the Move - Bios Of The Anchors

Bios Of The Anchors
There are three anchors for this programme. Both of these actors appear in the Soul Buddyz programme and children strongly identify with them.

Thando Dlamini (Plays Nozipho in Soul Buddyz)
As active in the arts as she is on the sports field the multi-talented Thando Dlamini is a real credit to Sacred Hearts College. When she’s not on stage singing, dancing or acting you will find this energetic 14-year old enjoying herself in the great outdoors where she’ll be playing either netball, volleyball or basketball. She also speaks three languages - Zulu, English and Sotho. Thando’s early career in drama has already seen her in a lead role in District Six, a school play, and she has one of the major roles in Soul Buddyz. One of three siblings, she plays the marimba to the delight of her brother and sister.

Shaughn Reyneke (Plays Hamilton in Soul Buddyz)
The youngest of four siblings, Shaughn Reyneke began his stage career in grade 1 when he played a ‘thirsty boy’. This led to a variety of roles in Sunday school plays. He has spent three and a half years at the Children’s Theatre, which he describes as a ‘wow’ experience.

He has learnt to sing, dance, and mime as well as how to be a professional clown but his biggest break has been Soul Buddyz. He gets to play the spoilt rich kid who is chauffeur-driven to all school functions and has an abundant supply of money. “It’s so lekker,” he says. He aspires to writing scripts for children’s television but for now enjoys funnyman Martin Lawrence and high-kicking Jackie Chan, who are among his Hollywood heroes.

Claire Zijlestra (Kylie)
Claire studies at the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein where Art is her favourite subject. At 15, Claire is older than the 12-year old Kylie whom she plays, but shares some of her personality traits. While Kylie amuses herself with puppets, Claire makes puppets and also knows how to keep herself busy.

Soul Buddyz has given her the opportunity to act for the first time without pushing her too hard. At home she has learnt a lot about kindness and understanding from her 24-year old sister. Claire has plans for a career in graphic design and acting. “I’d like to be a presenter on K-TV and also act in some movies because I want to be known for more than just one character,” she says. Her heroes of Hollywood are Will Smith and Mel Gibson, but she chooses Oprah for deeper motivation and Charlize Theron for homegrown inspiration in facing big challenges to bring home the Oscar.

From The Soul City Institute
Aadielah Maker
Aadielah has her Masters in Community Health from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. She is an activist by nature and was involved in student and youth politics, which spilled over to health and development in the early 1990s.

She has worked in the field of youth, sexual and reproductive health and development for the past thirteen years. Aadielah has been involved with Soul Buddyz since the first series. Her involvement in HIV work started as a volunteer whilst at university.

The highlight of her AIDS campaign work include being involved a campaign with Nelson Mandela, getting a major newspaper to include condoms in its publication and working on Soul Buddyz, of course.

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