Training and fieldwork

Training overview

It’s important to Soul Buddyz that all Clubs are facilitated by qualified, trained and accredited people. People who are able to achieve the long-term goals of the Clubs in particular and Soul City in general. People who promote growth and development.

This is why we take training so seriously.

Our training programme is aligned to two national unit standards:

  1. facilitating learning in development practice (# 110055) and
  2. and understanding and applying theories and principles of transformative development practice (#110052).

It is also composed of two different types of training; namely, initial training (for new Clubs) and follow-up training (for existing Clubs). Click here to find out more.

Fieldwork overview

The Soul Buddyz Clubs Programme takes its sustainability commitments one step further, with a focus on supporting and monitoring existing Clubs via fieldwork.

This takes the form of:

  1. Visits to schools throughout South Africa
  2. Support to schools, via principals/facilitators
  3. The carrying out of various interviews
  4. Tools to be used during the school visits

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