Soul Buddyz Clubs

Soul Buddyz Clubs

The Soul Buddyz Clubs, is a youth outreach programme inspired by the impact of the Soul Buddyz TV series. The programme is implemented in all nine provinces, among school children between 8-14 years old and it has been ongoing for over 18 years.
Soul Buddyz Clubs

In working with parents, communities and government, we promote holistic education that prepares pupils for active lives in society.

With over 5000 Soul Buddyz Clubs nationally, based at schools and libraries mainly in rural and informal areas, project themes have, to date, included:

  • HIV/Aids
  • Child welfare
  • Caring for the environment
  • Food gardens and soup kitchens
  • Story-telling with seniors
  • Awareness raising and media
  • Income generation projects

The success of the clubs over the years saw the launch of Buddyz on the Move, a show that follows fellow Buddyz as they take us around their communities, introduce us to interesting people and show us how they have been taking action to build their communities.


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