RISE Young Women’s Clubs

RISE Young Women’s Clubs

Rise clubs, one of our flagship programmes, reach young women aged 15-24 years old from marginalised communities in the nine provinces of South Africa.
RISE Young Women’s Clubs

The clubs aim to focus on and prioritise support for the rights and activism of young women and girls. Through the clubs, we create a safe space for this demographic to collectively advocate for issues that matter to them and affect them.

With support from SCI through fieldworkers, mentors and Rise Magazines, young women build their own social capital, identify local social injustice and take action.

The clubs are a platform to catalyze a feminist movement by:

  • Empowering girls and young womenn to participate in gender equality advocacy.
  • Building strong support systems that strengthens the capacity of girls and young women to collectively organise for change.
  • Creating a safe space where girls and young women can demand access to safe sexual reproductive health services ultimately, preventing HIV, mitigating its impact and enabling safer choices.
  • Encouraging intergenerational learning that fosters social connectedness and agency.

By doing so, Rise Young Women’s Clubs are able to build self-led movements that enable girls and women to fully realise their human rights and live with dignity and self-determination.

Rise Magazines

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