Rise Young Women’s Clubs

The RISE Young Women’s Clubs targets girls and young women aged 15 -35 across South Africa.

The goal of the Rise Young Women’s clubs is to focus on and prioritise support for the rights and activism of young womxn. The clubs create a safe space for girls and young women to collectively advocate for issues that matter to them and affect them.

The clubs are a platform to catalyze a feminist movement by:

  • Empowering girls and young womxn to participate in women’s rights advocacy.
  • Building strong support systems that strengthens the capacity of girls and young womxn to collectively organise for change.
  • Creating a safe space where girls and young womxn can demand access to safe sexual reproductive health services ultimately, preventing HIV, mitigating its impact and enabling safer choices.
  • Encouraging intergenerational learning that fosters social connectedness and agency.

By so doing, Rise Young Women’s Clubs are able to:

  • Amplify voices and capacities of young women to lead their activism
  • Build self-led movements that enable girls and women to fully realise their human rights and live with dignity and self-determination.

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