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Rise Young Women’s Clubs

Rise Young Women’s Clubs aim to mobilise and empower young women to participate in taking responsible action to shape their lives and the communities they live in.
Young women (15–34years) are in a particularly precarious situation, with unemployment rates more than 10 percentage points higher than that of young men (15–34 years). This situation remains the same each year over the period 2008–2014, and while some young people have opted to continue with their education hoping to improve their future job prospects, others have become increasingly discouraged." - Statistics South Africa, June 2014

Clubs provide much needed positive peer interaction and platforms from which to share and grow.

Young women can be greater than their circumstance and also educate their families, strengthen family and community structures and contribute to decreased risk of violence. Women’s empowerment remains intertwined with gender equality, socio economic development and human rights.

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