Call for Tenders: Evaluation of the Southern African Regional Social and Behaviour Change Communication Programme

Implementation in Malawi

The Southern Africa Regional Social and Behavior Change Communication Programme aims to reduce HIV infection and related morbidity in Southern Africa by facilitating social and behavior change and by strengthening social and behaviour change capacity to respond to the HIV epidemic. The programme is implemented in 11 countries over 3 years and targets the general adult population, people living with HIV, and vulnerable populations (i.e. communities near border posts and along transport corridors, hard to reach communities and young women). The program combines advocacy, social mobilization, face-to-face communication and mass media.

The programme partners - Soul City, SAfAIDS and Community Media Trust (CMT) - are inviting suitable organisations to submit proposals to conduct an evaluation of the programme as implemented in Malawi. Programme reach and outcomes amongst individuals and communities in Malawi must be investigated.

Responses are invited from organisations with the following profile:

  1. Experience in designing, conducting and analyzing national surveys;
  2. Experience in designing, conducting and analyzing qualitative research;
  3. Experience in integrating quantitative and qualitative data;
  4. Experience in working in the area of health communication, social & behaviour change, and media.

Proposals should be submitted to the Evaluation Task Team on or before 12 January 2011. An information package, including detailed Terms of Reference, is available upon request – in writing - from Nellie Phiri.

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