Our Rise Girls honour the extraordinary women whose shoulders we stand upon.

We will multiply their legacy.


Thank you very much Mme Winnie Madikizela. You are my role model: a strong woman, a leader, a helper, a mother to our nation.

Dear Lilian Ngoyi. What you did give us freedom and rights.

The woman who influences me in my life is Mrs. Edna Molewa.

Dear Women of Yesterday. I may not know your names, but I appreciate the big step you took to fight for women’s rights.

Because of your actions, women’s voices are heard.

Edna Molewa was a woman who had great empathy for the youth. She encouraged young people to continue their education,

I chose her because she is a strong woman. She is an example to us young woman to not just let go, to be strong, stand up for yourself.

She was a role model. She was a fighter.

I chose Mrs. Lilian Ngoyi because she fought for the rights of all South African women of all races, so that they would be equal.

The women of long ago / yesterday played a huge role in our lives because they were able to march to fight for our rights as women. And then they fought for us so that women could realize their potential and not stay in the man’s shadow.

Many women took part in fighting for women’s rights, but as young people nowadays .

Most of the time, we don’t look at the people who are not mentioned in our history. Yet, we don’t get chance to know their names and appreciate them.

Her work will go on. As the youth we need to take it forward.

The political situation was not easy for women then but now women are even able to be part of the parliament their voices now are heard.

Their work is not over yet because as the youth we want to take it forward. And then we can make sure that the ones coming after us can also take it forward.

That’s why I say I want to be a fighter. When you are a fighter you will never give up in life. Whatever you want, you will achieve.

I love you for what you have done. Thank you.  I love you very much!

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