The Story Overview

Series Overview

It is love at first sight when Dimpho Miya and Menzi Maponya first lay eyes on each other at a rap battle where Dimpho’s brother, Mandla, and Lindiwe, Menzi’s sister are both performing. The next day, on her 18th birthday, Dimpho convinces Mandla to take her to the Corner Tavern where Menzi works part-time for his father, Philani Maponya, the tavern owner.

That night the tavern is packed with people, including Matric students Lucky Gumede and Kagiso Vomo and their friend, rapper Sixteen, all drinking heavily. Although Mandla has not been drinking, he is drawn into an argument with Sixteen over a scratched CD. Tempers flare, a fight breaks out, a knife is drawn and Mandla is stabbed. Mandla hits his head and slips into a deep coma. Lucky is the only witness but, out of loyalty and fear, he will not reveal it was tough-guy Kagiso who did the stabbing.

As the Miya family tries to come to terms with what has happened, Tifo, Mandla’s father, vents his anger towards Philani for not ensuring the safety of his customers. A bitter feud develops between the two men and Dimpho and Menzi are forbidden to see each other. But love will always find a way and the two continue to meet in secret.

Tifo’s misguided and irrational attempts to turn the community against drinking places results in the Corner Tavern being set alight, which only increases the animosity between him and Philani. Even when Philani’s 17 year old daughter, Lindiwe, is knocked down by a drunk teacher from Soul City High, he continues to insist that, as a tavern owner, he is not responsible for the drinking habits or the safety of his customers. This is not a view shared by his wife, Thandeka, who teaches at the high school.

Thandeka is concerned about one of her grade 8 students, Thoko Gumede, who has visible bruises but insists everything is fine at home. But this is not the case. Whilst her mother, Nomsa, works hard to support the family, Thoko’s father Jo-Jo spends the little money they have on alcohol and gets drunk and abusive. Thoko does her best to protect her little sister, Thembi, from their father and his cronies. Her brother, Lucky, also spends much of his time drinking and trying to impress his friends.

Mandla remains in hospital in a coma whilst Kagiso, although suspected of the crime, is free because there are no witnesses to the actual stabbing. This infuriates Mandla’s younger sister, Nontsi, who plots her revenge against Kagiso.

After the disastrous effect of his earlier actions, and determined to now do things right, Tifo contacts the local Community Police Forum and a meeting is called to launch the Safe Drinking Campaign.

Can the community come together to tackle the problems of unsafe drinking?  Can Tifo and Philani ever see eye-to-eye? Can Nomsa finally stand up to Jo-Jo’s abuse? Will Menzi and Dimpho find a way to love each other openly? Will Lucky find the courage to testify against his friend? And will Mandla ever emerge from his coma to reclaim his life? These are the questions and unfolding drama in Soul City Series 10.

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