Episode 21: Creating futures

South Africa has an alarming unemployment rate, particularly amongst the youth. While efforts to eradicate inequality and other causes of unemployment are in place, Rise hosts in this episode find out what practical advice young people can practice to find employment.

Episode 22: Rape

Rape continues to be a crisis South Africans need to tackle. Rise hosts talk about the dynamics of rape and engage a rape victim about her ordeal. This episode also covers the different ways women can protect themselves and a discussion around the "dos and don'ts" for rape victims is had.

Episode 23: Communication skills

How does the way we communicate benefit or hurt the relationships we keep? In this episode Rise hosts discuss the verbal and non-verbal communication skills they were taught and sometimes defied. Educator and applied theatre facilitator Cherae Halley joins the hosts to talk about effective communication skills and the benefits thereof.

Wilma Calvert and the Rise Young Woman Pamela Mbantsini and Priscilla Thami join us in studio.

Episode 24: Know your body

How well do we know our bodies and can we ever know enough? Rise hosts and young women discuss the different stages of puberty and their experiences of it. They engage with a medical practitioner for advice, dispel some myths and reveal some truths about their bodies.

Daphney Conco and the Rise Young Women Kayla Pieterse and Palesa Mokwa join us in studio.

Episode 25: Social pressure

Social media platforms have created a way for people to access and share information more easily. Rise hosts in this episode discuss social media networks and the pressures of being active on them. Hosts also look at ways to maximize one’s influence on social networks, cyber-bullying and the dangers of some interactions.

Episode 26: Shame

Shame is a topic that came up during many conversations had on the Rise Talk Show. In this season finale episode, Rise hosts scrutinize why this is so and share experiences that have made them feel shameful. Guest Reverend Phumzile Mabizela discusses the roots of shame, its custodians and shares how she has managed to live a life free of shame.

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