Rise Young Women’s Clubs

The RISE Young Women’s Clubs programme seeks to build social cohesion, self-efficacy and resilience through: creating a space where young women can support each other, encouraging young women to work as a group to undertake projects in the community and, ultimately, preventing HIV, mitigating its impact and enabling safer choices

The Rise Clubs started in 2014 both in and out of school and are in 15 high HIV burden districts.

The vision of the club is to have YW&G achieve their full potential by;     

            Staying healthy

           Getting a good education

           Becoming strong leaders

           Accessing equal opportunities

           Creating innovative solutions

           Having a voice


"the ability of the club model to foster social connectedness is crucial to the clubs’ success. One club observed that they “experience unity, sisterhood and deep friendship” and report that the club provides an environment that is supportive, non-judgmental, and creates a space in which they can help improve each other’s moods and attitudes"

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