The Families Matter programme aims to:

  • Give parents information about the risks their children face
  • Help parents understand their unique role in helping their children make decisions about sex and communicating their own values to their children
  • Enhance positive parenting skills to initiate conversation, strengthen relationships and protect children from risk and peer pressure

What participants had to say

“The FMP programme helped me to teach my children about my family sexual values. We are now having a good relationship and we can communicate more openly.” parent to a 10 year old, Nquthu

“I am happy to talk to my mother about issues of sex and sexuality because at school some children talk about their boyfriends and some nasty things that they do.” 12 year old, Orange Farm

Programme roll out

Parents attend weekly sessions held in their local communities over a five week period. The sessions include group discussions, role play, audio visual material, communication practise, home assignments with peer interaction. These are hosted at local community centres by two trained local facilitators. Groups of 12 to 18 parents or guardians who have a child aged 9-12 years attend with the child participating in the final session.

A follow-up session is held 6-18 months after the training which reinforces the key messages and facilitates shared discussion of experiences. Since 2010 over 11 000 parents have participated in the Families Matter programme.

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